5 Signs of Bad Brainstorming

And how to rectify them

Daily habits of Innovators

If you have never tried this, I would suggest you do try it today. The experience that you are going to have would be amazing. One part of your brain will stop you from doing it and the creative part will tell you to continue.

A CEO that was ahead of everyone else

This was sent to me by my colleague yesterday – “Asian Paints is the only company in the history of the planet which has grown #revenues at 20% p.a. consistently...

Mental model to solve your employee retention problem

How rephrasing your problem can help you come up with creative solutions.

A simple hack to generate innovative ideas

Apply this mental framework to come up with ideas to enhance any product or process

Why you cannot innovate

What prevents us from inventing? How changing our thought process can completely change the outcome of our thinking.

Another ‘innovative’ product – is it?

Hardly a product is launched today without it being termed as innovative. But what qualifies as innovation?

Jeff Bezos inventions and patents

Little known fact – Bezos has been inventing ever since inception of Amazon

Self-driving cars on icy roads

They would help each other minimize the driving risks

A Dance of Hardware and Software: Google Pixel’s Camera

The magic of algorithms and hardware in the Google Pixel’s camera revealed in Google’s patent