Innovation Mental Block 1: Fear of Failure

If you are afraid of failures, you cannot innovate.

Let me tell you a story

Sionyx is an ultra-low-light CMOS image sensor and high-performance night vision camera systems company. What’s so different about this company when there are many camera companies in the market? This...

5-minute innovation: food delivery

I tried coming up with creative ideas for food delivery in 5 minutes.

How One Can Learn from Cross-Industry Practises

To innovate, one should be ready, willing, and able for learning, adapt, enrich, customize, and experiment. Well, we all know that. But, sometimes we are still not able to come...

UX at Hardware

How smart cars are solving this simple problem?

5 minute innovation: Smart notifications

I challenged myself to come up with an innovative idea in 5 minutes.

5 inventions that address bad sitting posture

A deep look at the latest solutions on posture correction.

How evolution hinders creativity?

Why evolution stops you from being creative. And how you can overcome it.

How to copy great ideas! LIVE EXAMPLE

If you observe everything around you, your exposure will sky rocket and Here is one example – If you want to expand your exposure and learn how you can...

Innovative products

Expand your exposure to get more creative over time.