Ideation / Innovation · January 15, 2022

Daily habits of Innovators

During dinner one night, I held the spoon into my left hand instead of my right. As I dipped the spoon in the soup and took it towards my mouth, I realized how difficult it was to change our minds. 

I then started experimenting more with my muscle memory in my daily life.

I tried shaving with my left hand. Comb my hair with my left hand.

Tried to tie my shoelaces in a different knot than I usually do.

If you have never tried this, I would suggest you do try it today. The experience that you are going to have would be amazing. One part of your brain will stop you from doing it and the creative part will tell you to continue.

Since then I have collated a few daily habits that helps my brain come up with more creative solutions –

Get yourself a buddy

Find someone with whom you can discuss your crazy thoughts without having a fear of being judged. If you do not have someone, find a place on the Internet where you can share your crazy ideas.

For example, why governments cannot run as corporations, make profits, and then share dividends with their citizens. Why citizens have to pay taxes.   

Surround yourself with inspiration

Find a blog like Blip or a library near you that will always keep you inspired with new ideas.

For example, What is Elon Musk thinking right now?

Flip your assumptions

To make our product more accessible to a wider audience, we need to do marketing. How can we reach a large audience with no marketing budget?

In order to keep everyone on the team aligned, we need daily team meetings. How can we bring alignment in the team without having daily connects?

In order for our team to grow, we need to hire more people. How can we grow our revenue without adding more resources to our team.   

Block few things

Try to ban a few things that you are used to in your daily routine.

For example, I am not going to speak for a few hours or the whole day today. It’s like intermittent fasting for your mouth.

I am not going to take out phone from my pocket while having lunch.

I am not going to use lift in malls or train station.

This will force your brain to find new ways.

Try new ways

Try new ways of doing things.

For example, if you are like me who like to eat with hands, then I am going to eat pizza with a knife and fork.

I am going to slowdown my dinner and take a full 60 min to finish it.

Use a video message to communicate with your office collegue rather than email.

I am going to try to sleep tonight without switching on the Airconditioning in my room.

Take risk

Risk prepares our brain to be open to the concept of trying new ideas. This preapres it to hearing opposing views without reacting to it. But what kind of risk can you take in your daily life?

Have you ever tried taking a new route to your office in the morning?

Have you ever tried a new dish in a restaurant that you have never heard of?

Have you ever tried investing in stocks that you have never done before? Crypto? NFT?

These are small risks. You are not taking them to be successful. So you don’t need to do full research and read every blog before trying. You can immediately throw away any thought that comes to your mind if your brain tries to overthink.

Follow another domain

Find a group on Reddit or a person on Twitter who is not from your domain.

For example, follow a painter on Instagram, a founder on Twitter, or a creative artist on Youtube.

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