Innovation · January 11, 2022

Why you cannot innovate

“I always try to think of new and interesting ideas, but my ideas are never original.”

This is something I’ve heard from many people.

Among the reasons we are unable to generate innovative ideas is our limited exposure and bias.

We are unable to see clearly when we are obstructed by our bias, thus preventing and killing our creativity.

  • Confirmation bias – confirming what you already think

“I do not think there is any better solution than this.”

“I do not think this problem can be solved.”

  • Anchoring bias – what you hear first is what you stick with.

“How else can we cut butter? The knife is the only way”

“Only by reducing the size of the product can we reduce the plastic and thereby reduce the cost.”

  • Availability bias – what you hear often is what becomes true to you.

“Our customers need to talk to a human support executive otherwise they will leave us. There is no other way to retain them.”

“I am living in San Franciso and I can tell you everybody in the world wants to eat healthy food.”

  • Blindspot bias – thinking you are a little bit better than everyone else at staying unbiased

“I have tried everything, and this isn’t going to work”

“I have worked with many different types of people, and I can tell you he will not be able to do this job”

  • Reactive-devaluation bias – you devaluate an idea because it came from someone you don’t like

“He does not know anything about this domain”

“He has never been successful before, and I don’t think he can be trusted with his plan.”

Those are the biases that prevent us from being innovative and creative. 

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