How evolution hinders creativity?

Why evolution stops you from being creative. And how you can overcome it.

How to copy great ideas! LIVE EXAMPLE

If you observe everything around you, your exposure will sky rocket and Here is one example – If you want to expand your exposure and learn how you can...

Innovative products

Expand your exposure to get more creative over time.

Get drunk and innovate

In 2014, I came across a weird post. The user posted – I am a designer. I live alone. I drink every night and I have nothing to do. I...

How to be innovative

How many times have you struggled to solve a problem only to have come up with a solution that appears obvious after a quick glance? In a study published in Cognition,...

Leveraging incremental innovations

By embedding this philosophy of continuous innovation in their workforce, they effectively turned it into a problem-solving army.

Invisible product innovations are doomed

Why isn’t not enough for toothbrushes to just clean better?

How I fall in love with constraints.

Constraints have a bad reputation. Why not? Constraints restrict us. Stelios Haji-Ioannou (founder of Easyjet) – “Making flying as affordable as a pair of jeans”. Dhirubhai Ambani’s vision – Making...

Story of an impossible innovation

When Memjet announced their product, nobody in the industry believed them. It was thought impossible.

Have you seen a Square hole?

Learn how Starbucks increased its market cap to $100b