Book / Innovation · February 4, 2022

Get drunk and innovate

In 2014, I came across a weird post.

The user posted –

I am a designer. I live alone. I drink every night and I have nothing to do. I opened a random website today and recorded a video of my screen talking whatever I could make sense of. I do not know what to do with this video so sharing it here.  

He then wrote – If you send me your website I will look at it and record my views.

I loved his video. He was really drunk and talking.

If you have ever owned a website, it is really difficult to know if you are able to get your message across to the user. If you have put up a button on the website and want the user to click on it, you have no idea if the user’s eyes are going towards the button or not.

I sent him GreyB website with a Paypal of $50.

He sent me the video the next day. He really liked our website. It was a long time back and I tried to search for the video he made but could not find it in my emails.

Here is a video of another person who is doing something similar I found on YouTube – 

Listen – If you will keep doing things in the same way how you have been doing, your life will become monotonous.

Try new things, experiment with things that you have not tried before. Find people who are of this type and spend more time with them.

We hosted Make-a-thon to let people find problems that they see around them and find creative solutions to those problems.

Create such an environment around you.

Be comfortable with crazy ideas.

Let things like Make-a-thon become your creative outlet.

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