Innovation · February 6, 2022

Innovative products

In 2013, the first time I went to the Red Dot Museum in Singapore.

For me, it was a lazy weekend visit. However, what amazed me was how it opened my mind.

I stopped thinking of Chandelier in a traditional way.

My perspective towards everything changed. I started to see buildings differently –

I realized that If you have never been exposed to innovative solutions it’s very difficult for your mind to come up with ideas while solving problems for your case.

It is similar to how our brain cannot read Mandarin unless it has heard people speaking before.

Exposure is the way how you can open your brain to think creatively.

What things come to your mind when you see these walls in a different way –

Can you see yourself combining two different things like art and faucets in your industry? If your output is a Market research report, can you make your report beautiful?

Where can you use this direction and status like it’s used here to guide users towards the empty parking spots?

I can never see the lamps the old way after seeing this light at Red Dot –

Solar is expensive but if you are a furniture company can you combine it with your products in a way so as to make them your differentiating factor? Users may not pay for its utility but they pay for a good design.

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