Innovation · March 9, 2022

Let me tell you a story

Sionyx is an ultra-low-light CMOS image sensor and high-performance night vision camera systems company. What’s so different about this company when there are many camera companies in the market?

This company’s DNA was based on innovation. SiOnyx was established in 2006 to commercialize technology that had been developed by several academics at Harvard.

So Sionyx is an IP rich company. You may have heard this for the first time. We all have heard cash-rich but what is IP rich.

Sionyx was able to take equity investment from the market solely based on its IP i.e. the patents owned by the company on night vision cameras over the period of time. This implies if you have innovation at the back-end, you can still make investors go after you without boasting huge revenue numbers.

There are IP investment arms like Fortress IP whose sole aim is to invest in IP-rich product businesses.

With the support of Fortress IP, and their huge experience in patent monetization, Sionyx was able to generate millions of dollars in revenue just from their patents.

Later, they were able to generate huge returns by selling their business solely based on patents.

News and media only show us stories of VCs investing in the business with a large number of users OR a large revenue. What we never get to know are success stories that became big based on their innovation strategy.

We are here to tell you not just the stories but also how you can change the culture in your company.

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