Hacks / Innovation / Solutions · March 2, 2022

UX at Hardware

Every car on road is not Tesla, so we are getting small tweaks in non-Tesla cars for assistive driving. One such case, when you miscalculate the next turn and will end up in an accident. 

This is where AI comes in and does course correction (literally this time). Make steering wheel go in anti-direction to compensate for the error. In engineers’ mind, this solution makes total sense. 

If we zoom in, we see micro-actions. There’s a small pause when this shift happens. Driver will think for a moment to understand what just happened, why car is not behaving the way I instructed. Soon driver will understand that AI is getting in way, but still there’s a micro-moment of confusion. 

That’s what Toyota is solving with the latest patent US11254343B1 (approved last week). They will not move steering wheel in anti-direction. Instead, they will change the friction between driver’s hand and steering wheel. What’s the advantage, your brain won’t take a micro-break to understand the behaviour.

Solution to remove few milli-seconds of confusion! UX at hardware level.

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