Photography with magnetic precision using your phone

Two Idaho inventors have obtained a patent on a mechanism for mounting an external lens on a mobile phone’s camera with great precision

Galaxy S23 may have more secure Face ID

Samsung’s patent shows new face ID technique using red eye effect analysis along with 3D mapping to make it more secure

Ideas for improved heat pipes

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Finding Cross-Industry Solutions to the Pothole Problem

What we can learn from other industries to solve the challenge of potholes?

The fastest keyboard on the planet

A keyboard that allows you to type faster than the world record on a regular QWERTY variant

Why do washing machines have a window?

Why do washing machines have a window?

Google’s plan to perfect Google Maps

Latest patent shows how Google is planning to add missing information about places on Google Maps

Meta’s new innovation for making videos more engaging

Tech giants are finding innovative ways to make their platforms more engaging, here is something Meta seems to be working on

Handsfree Driving – What will change?

What cars will adapt once we achieve full autonomy

Tools for Knowledge Workers – Part 3

3 forces that hinder the development of tools for knowledge workers and what you can do to overcome them