Mayank Rakesh

Package Delivery 2.0: Amazon’s Multimodal Drone System

A recent patent application shows Amazon’s latest innovation on long distance drone-based deliveries.

Does it even fold? This is how Samsung is getting rid of the crease

Samsung is making foldable displays more durable for their next generation flip phones.

Next addition to Apple’s ecosystem

Apple is entering into a whole new space of health devices – The latest patent application shows

The most wanted upgrade for Apple pencil is here

The artworks on your iPad are about to get better- a new patent shows what may be the defining feature of the next gen Apple Pencil

The Future is Flexible: Samsung’s Improved Hinges for Fold

Samsung after facing lots of friction in fold’s initial release, is improving the technology – the new patent shows.

This is how Samsung is stepping up its wearable game

Samsung to improve smart watches user experience with task profiles – the latest patent shows

Apple is again late to the party!

Apple is finally bringing bidirectional wireless charging to its devices – latest patent application shows