Amazon / Drones · January 10, 2023

Package Delivery 2.0: Amazon’s Multimodal Drone System

In today’s fast-paced world, we want everything now – and that includes our packages. Amazon is working on improving their drone delivery systems to bring products to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Remember the viral airship by Amazon from 2016? Amazon’t latest idea is on similar lines.

Image credits: Tech wire Asia

A recent patent application from Amazon shows a delivery system targeting long distance drone-based deliveries.

The patent application is titled “multimodal drone delivery system” which means that the drones take take aid of delivery cargo vehicles (another modality) to increase the delivery distance.

The patent application describes a drone delivery system coupled with trains. The train carries packages and has a system to allow automatic loading and unloading of packages from drones.

Drawing from Amazon’s US Patent Application №2022/402,530

The main idea is that it allows drones to pick and take off packages from a moving train. So the train does not even need to stop at a location to unload items to be delivered there.

Drawing from Amazon’s US Patent Application №2022/402,530

The patent application suggests that the same could be done with trucks, ships, and even aircrafts.

Interesting days in the field of package deliveries ahead!