Apple / Samsung / Wearables · January 1, 2023

This is how Samsung is stepping up its wearable game

Image credits: Trusted Reviews

For the second consecutive quarter Samsung outpaced Apple in the smartwatch market. 

Recently, Apple launched watch 8 and Samsung launched watch 5. Apart from cellular connectivity and few design changes, the latest models had no major feature upgrades.

But Samsung is brewing some cool features right now for its smartwatches.

Last week, a patent filed by Samsung has surfaced, which shows some cool upgrades on the user experience and connectivity fronts.

According to the patent application, the new generation of Samsung watches will have task profiles. The upcoming models will be able to switch task profiles based on the sensed motion and connected devices. Let me explain with an example. 

If you are driving and your watch is connected to your car, the watch will automatically switch to navigation mode. This switching will be based on sensing the motion of your hand on the steering wheel.

Image credits: Patent Image

The patent features combined use of vibrations study, motion detection and connectivity services such as Bluetooth to determine the task being done by the user.

Image credits: Patent Image

The smart watch will also be able to connect to a wide range of accessories such as earpods and smart glasses to enhance the user experience.

The new gen smart watches might also have a read out loud feature for messages. 

Each task profile is supposed to respond to notifications differently. For example, driving mode will only show priority notification such as calls and texts.

Image credits: Patent Image

It will be interesting to see how Apple responds to these upgrades. We will keep a sharp eye on their patents too.

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