Catalyst / Drones · April 25, 2022

How can delivery drones be made more efficient?

The following ideas were found by Catalyst – a tool that formulates possible solutions to technical problems by mining patent data.

(The answers were generated automatically, so please ignore any grammatical errors. It’s also possible some answers may not make complete sense.)

  1. Drones can be made more efficient by pairing them with ground or surface vehicles. This allows the drones to save power consumption and effectively extend the transport distance for the goods. (idea found in this patent)
  2. One way that drones can be made more efficient is by using three swashless, variable-pitch vertical lift main rotors with a yaw tail rotor system. This allows for better balance and a more compact size. Additionally, changes in pitch of the rotors allow the motors to maintain constant governed rotations per minute, maximizing drivetrain efficiency. (found in this patent)
  3. Drones can be made more efficient by using a rail system that allows them to travel along the length of the rail. This eliminates the need for the drones to fly back and forth along the length of the rail, which can save time and energy. (patent)
  4. A drone can be made efficient by using a smaller propeller located at the distal end of a main wing. This propeller can help to control the roll motion of the drone and minimize the non-stabilizing effects of air turbulence. (patent)
  5. The drones can be made more efficient by using the energy replenishment coupler to replenish the power supply from the opportunistic energy source. (patent)

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