Catalyst / E-commerce · May 25, 2022

How to make online product listings more attractive?

The following ideas were found by Catalyst – a tool that suggests solutions to technical problems by mining patent data.

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  1. One way to make online product listings more attractive is to use a system that allows for progressive resolution display without loss of image quality. This means that the images will be clearer and more defined the closer a user gets to them, thus providing a more immersive shopping experience. Additionally, using a graphical shopping cart/bag can also help to make product listings more attractive, as it provides a more organized and visually pleasing way to view the available items. (found in this patent)
  2. One way to make online product listings more appealing to customers is to use a pricing engine to generate a projected price curve. This will help customers understand what they might save by joining a group buy. Additionally, the e-commerce portal can display current membership of the group so that customers can see how close they are to the group buy threshold. (from this patent)
  3. One way to make online product listings more attractive is to use video showcases. This allows customers to see the products in action and better understand how they work. Additionally, tracking consumer actions during video consumption can help to better understand what interests customers and adapt the content accordingly. This can help to keep customers engaged and interested in the product listings. (from this patent)
  4. One way to make online product listings more attractive is to offer chance-based incentives. This could involve giving bidders a chance to win a prize if they are the highest bidder, for example. (from this patent)
  5. The systems and methods provided herein may allow a user to receive search results that are tailored to the user’s personal preferences based on social and purchasing information known about the user. This could make online product listings more attractive to users as they would be more likely to find products that they are interested in. (from this patent)

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