Gaming / Sony · January 1, 2023

DualSense controller getting noise-cancellation upgrade

Image Credits: DualSense Edge

If you are a gamer who plays multiplayer titles, you have undoubtedly witnessed the highest form of civilised conversation gamers engage in, a.k.a “trash talking” with other players.

The fun of trash talk is often ruined, however, by low quality audio and background noises, some due to controller smashes.

Well, on that front, I have some good news to share.

Last week, Sony filed a patent application which shows their DualSense controller with a built-in noise cancelling mic.

Wait, there’s more…

The patent also claims that the new controller will have multiple mini mics. These mics will be arranged all over the controller. This arrangement will target noises from all sources. This includes the environment, controls as well as the haptic feedback.

Last but not the least, the built-in mic will also have the ability to avoid cross-talking when multiple controllers are present.

Thanks to Sony, we will soon be able to enjoy high-quality noise-free trash talking.